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Rosso Restaurant in Rome

A menu for all tastes

La cucina di Ristorante Rosso è un viaggio culinario che propone la migliore qualità delle materie prima, l’artigianalità della lavorazione ed il gusto saporito e perfetto nelle sue fragranze posizionandosi come un concept restaurant grazie alla varietà delle sue sale, metropolitane, eleganti e di tendenza. La nostra proposta culinaria, a partire dal menù, varia in base ai prodotti di stagione ed ai differenti momenti della giornata.

What you can certainly find at Rosso is innovation and modernity of the best dishes of clear international inspiration, tasty meat burgers or vegetarian ones, the flavour of our tradition: cacio e pepe, amatriciana, carbonara, up to pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven and many other classics.
There is, of course, also room to immerse yourself in the authentic flavour of the sea, preserved in our fish dishes, including tuna steak or salmon. Among our choices, there is also a more contemporary proposal that veers towards woks and pokés, for protein-rich, healthy, tasty and quick lunches and dinners.
And of course, to round off your meal in the best possible way, you can delight in our fantastic desserts, handmade in-house by our pastry chef.

A menu for all tastes. A cuisine designed to meet our customers' every need.

Menù colazione

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01. Breakfast

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Rosso Restaurant in Rome

Aperitif - Drinks - Party

Rosso is also the ideal location for aperitifs and drinks. Our lounge bar, open until late in the evening, offers a great selection of cocktails carefully prepared by the best barmen, with international cocktails from almost every country, like an authentic trip around the world.

What's more, immerse yourself in magical evenings with our themed events, designed to ignite your gastronomic curiosity and transport you to enchanted worlds of flavour. From classic taste to culinary innovation, each event is an opportunity for a unique culinary experience. To participate, simply book your table in advance and prepare to be transported on a fun and flavour-filled journey.

Menù aperitivo

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05. Aperitif

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