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Having breakfast in Rome is a unique experience, a magical moment to start the day on the right foot. The Eternal City offers many enchanting spots where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, but few places are as evocative as those near historic monuments, such as the Circus Maximus.

Indeed, Rome in the morning has a special charm. The still uncrowded streets, the first rays of sunlight illuminating the monuments and the quiet atmosphere create a perfect setting for a relaxing breakfast. Among the alleys and squares, you can find numerous cafes and pastry shops where you can enjoy local specialties, from the classic cappuccino and cornetto to delicious cakes and cookies.

Breakfast at Circus Maximus: a breathtaking view

Imagine starting your day with a breakfast near the Circus Maximus, one of Rome's most iconic sites. As you sip a freshly brewed coffee and savor a fragrant brioche, you can admire the timeless beauty of this ancient Roman stadium. The fresh morning air, combined with the breathtaking view, makes every moment special and unforgettable.

Rosso: The perfect location for your breakfast

If you are looking for a place to have breakfast near Circus Maximus, Rosso is an ideal choice. The restaurant offers a wide selection of breakfast treats made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast, Rosso has everything you want to start your day with energy and taste.

The proposal is rich, meeting the needs of each person. You can choose from freshly baked croissants, toast with homemade jam, yogurt with fresh fruit and cereal, or opt for a more substantial meal with eggs, bacon and rustic bread. There is, of course, no shortage of hot drinks, such as coffee, cappuccino and tea, to accompany your morning meal.

But Ristorante Rosso is not only a place where eat, but a relaxing oasis where you can enjoy every moment of the day. The cozy and refined environment, combined with the courtesy of the staff, makes Rosso the perfect place to start the day with a smile.


Eating breakfast in Rome is an experience you cannot miss, especially if you decide to do it near historical monuments such as the Circus Maximus. And to make this moment even more special, choose Rosso, the restaurant that combines quality, taste and a prime location. Start your day in the best way by enjoying a delicious breakfast immersed in the history and beauty of Rome.


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